We build high-quality web and mobile solutions 

Solutions and Services

  • Product ideation, strategy, and prototyping
  • Architecture, design, and development
  • Comprehensive testing for functionality, performance, and usability
  • Performance tuning and re-engineering for scalability
  • Long software life cycle support with sophisticated release management
  • Migration, porting and modernization
  • CMSes such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla
  • Media solutions with complex content development workflows
  • High-traffic websites, with personalized content for visitors
  • Comprehensive web and mobile analytics
  • Engaging UX and UI
  • Graphic design services
  • Instructional design, storyboarding, and courseware production
  • Courseware migration from Flash to HTML5 for web and mobile
  • Development to SCORM, Tin Can API, or QTI standards
  • Custom learning platforms, portals, and apps
  • Tools for sharing experiences and ideas
Starting Up?

We can help you make the right choices, keep things lean, and build to budget.

As a startup that needs technology, there are many challenges - the right tech stack, getting the best bang for buck on development spends, a light yet scalable architecture, the ability to iterate or pivot quickly enough! So, whether you are an early-stage startup bootstrapping to MVP or a funded upstart looking to scale, we can help you "tech up".

We have had the

privilege to engage

with very interesting

people and do

some really exciting


  • Building the world’s most advanced exam management system – from an idea to a SAAS product, used globally to certify professionals such as doctors, engineers, and CPAs
  • Performance and dealership management software for automobile majors in India and APAC
  • Large-scale learning management and prep test delivery platform, used by over 60% of schools in the UK
  • Content management solutions for leading media, news and publishing firms in India
  • Digital campaigns for the Prime Minister’s Office and other ministries in Singapore
  • Custom learning apps, platforms, portals for global e-learning companies
  • Over a thousand e-learning courses for Fortune 500 clients of US-based training companies
Our Tech Expertise

Content Management

When it comes to large content portals, learning platforms, and content-based mobile apps, Drupal has always been our favorite.

Web UI

JavaScript: Love it or hate it, but you sure can’t ignore it. Well, we love all things JS! Recent leap of faith – hello Angular 2.0!

Mobile Apps

We build hybrid content apps with Cordova et al. But, for the more serious stuff, we go native!

The Server Side

We build applications to stand the test of time. In the open-source universe, Laravel fits the bill!

And, on the Microsoft .NET platform, we love working with MVC, Web API and .NET Core.

Data Management

While our heavy lifting champions are MySQL and SQL Server, we are happy to use the right NoSQL database for the job!

Test Automation

We are pretty serious about quality. And having managed test suites of 10,000+ test cases, we strongly believe in test automation.